Baltimore MD Wedding

In marriage you say I do and this Baltimore MD wedding brought happy tears.  Ever since I met these two you can feel the love. Kim and Darryl are both humble and fun. On there wedding day they were ready to be photographed and I had fun posing them both with there hilarious wedding party. From the ceremony to the reception there was tears of joy. Check out the photos below.

Wedding dress- Brides and Grooms (Pikesville, MD)
Tuxedos-Men’s Wearhouse
Jewelry- Esty Lana Chayka
Shoes- Dillards
Bridesmaid dresses- David’s Bridal
Makeup- Tiara Nicole
Hair- Karen Williams
Decorator- Deaconess Theresa Oglesby
Ceremony- Morning Star Baptist Church
Reception- Shahi Grill

Getting Ready

kim-darryl-Baltimore-wedding-1 kim-darryl-baltimore-wedding-2 kim-darryl-wedding-3 kim-darryl-wedding-4 kim-darryl-wedding-5kim-darryl-wedding-6 kim-darryl-wedding-7 kim-darryl-wedding-8 kim-darryl-wedding-9 kim-darryl-wedding-10 kim-darryl-wedding-11 kim-darryl-wedding-12 kim-darryl-wedding-13



kim-darryl-wedding-14 kim-darryl-wedding-15 kim-darryl-wedding-16 kim-darryl-wedding-17 kim-darryl-wedding-18 kim-darryl-wedding-19 kim-darryl-wedding-20 kim-darryl-wedding-22 kim-darryl-wedding-23 kim-darryl-wedding-24 kim-darryl-wedding-25 kim-darryl-wedding-26 kim-darryl-wedding-27 kim-darryl-wedding-28 kim-darryl-wedding-29


kim-darryl-wedding-30 kim-darryl-wedding-31 kim-darryl-wedding-32 kim-darryl-wedding-33 kim-darryl-wedding-34 kim-darryl-wedding-35 kim-darryl-wedding-36 kim-darryl-wedding-37 kim-darryl-wedding-38


kim-darryl-wedding-39 kim-darryl-wedding-40 kim-darryl-wedding-41 kim-darryl-wedding-42 kim-darryl-wedding-43 kim-darryl-wedding-44kim-darryl-wedding-46 kim-darryl-wedding-47 kim-darryl-wedding-48 kim-darryl-wedding-49 kim-darryl-wedding-50 kim-darryl-wedding-51 kim-darryl-wedding-52 kim-darryl-wedding-53 kim-darryl-wedding-55 kim-darryl-wedding-56 kim-darryl-wedding-58 kim-darryl-wedding-59 kim-darryl-wedding-60 kim-darryl-wedding-61 kim-darryl-wedding-62 kim-darryl-wedding-63

Wedding Location or Venue: ceremony Morning Star Baptist Church | reception Shahi Grill. Contact Livingston Lee photography for information on booking us for your wedding photography. We offer services in Pennsylvania | Maryland | Washington DC If you are ever in our area please stop by our studio at 58 S. Beaver St York, Pa 17401 We would love to show you some of our wedding albums, canvases, and prints. We hope to hear from you soon.


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